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The production of Iberian cured meats and Pefrán's innovative line aroused great interest at Meat Attraction.

The presence of Pefrán for the first time at the Meat Attraction fair has been a success. Over three days, from 8 to 10 March, we were pleased to see that the new products we presented were very attractive to visitors and we received many professionals from the meat sector who came to find out what Pefrán is and how it manufactures the Iberian products it offers to consumers.

Exito Pefrán en Meat Attraction

Proof of this is also, for example, the interest shown by the sectoral media that have been at the event. Among them, the Spanish Television programme AGROSFERA, highlighted the sausages of our new INNOVA line in its report on Meat Attraction.

Sergio Hernández, CEO and Operations Director of Pefrán, explained how the innovation work that has culminated in the launch of sausages with quinoa, black garlic or truffles has been developed and what these ingredients contribute in terms of flavour and properties.
Below is the video with the information provided.

The fact of attending this prestigious food fair for the first time is part of the actions planned by Pefrán to commemorate its 30th anniversary this year. Also present at the stand was the founder of the brand, Ángel the founder of the brand, Ángel Hernández Marcos, was also present at the stand.

The showcooking offered by our chef César Niño during the parallel activity Factory Chef was also very well received by the attendees. César prepared several innovative dishes in which the different Pefrán loins and sausages were perfectly integrated.

He performed several original elaborations live:

  • Ramen de Lomo Ibérico
  • Tartar de Lomo Ibérico
  • Una guarnición de atadillo de judías verdes, lomo ibérico y panceta
  • Vinagreta de Salchichón Ibérico
  • Rabitos de cerdo rellenos de Salchichón Ibérico
  • Salmón serrano con Chorizo Ibérico
  • Ventresca de bacalao rellena de Chorizo Ibérico y guiso de caracoles
  • Ajoblanco con Chorizo de Ajo Negro
  • Croqueta líquida de Salchichón Trufado
  • Ensalada de Chorizo de Quinoa y patatas

By the way, some of these recipes will soon be included in a Pefrán recipe book that will undoubtedly surprise you with its skill and originality when it comes to incorporating the house's loins and sausages as ingredients in a wide variety of dishes.

Without a doubt, the experience at Meat Attraction has been very positive and "has given us the opportunity to expand our contacts in the sector, and we hope that this will be the seed for new business relationships that will allow the expansion of our products in different channels", concludes Angel Hernandez, Commercial Director of Pefrán.

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