The calling of a family

PEFRÁN is the brand under which the products made by Cárnicas Entresierras, S.L. are marketed, a company with such a strong family character that it becomes the basis of the entire production process, from the beginnings half a century ago of its founder D. Pedro Hernández, to the present day.

Over three decades we have been perfecting our production processes. We produce natural foods because a constant concern for providing Iberian products with a healthy character is in our DNA.


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The traditional production of cured meats is vital; it is the know-how that has been transmitted from generation to generation.

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Our products are cured in the heartland of the Iberian Peninsula, in our facilities in Santibáñez de Béjar, in the south of the province of Salamanca.

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A key factor. Our products undergo a slow and carefully monitored curing process, without rushing, carried out manually, step by step. 

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It is a privilege to work in what is your passion. We are proud of our craft. That pride and passion are transformed into bites of outstanding quality.

Modernity and tradition go hand in hand in our manufacturing process. In the production of our Iberian products, the latest industry advances are intertwined with time-honored processes.

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