Our way of making things

Modernity and tradition walk by the hand during our productive process. In the fabrication of our products, the last innovations of the sector and the same old processes as always intermingle: marinades made by hand (with the same precision of an alchemist who prepares his best mixture) with spices and natural products, the traditional salting, the slow curing, the selection and profiling of pieces by hand…, tasks made by hand with professionalism and care in order to extol the already high quality of the raw material.
This is the reason why all our products are cured in natural curing facilities and warehouses of Santibáñez de Béjar, with the cold airs of the mountainous region (Gredos and Béjar mountains), controlling every day this curing process with the manual opening and closing of the windows, allowing this passage of air gradually in order to get this valuable slow maturation, without haste, which is the key for the unmistakable taste and aroma of each piece of our warehouses.
Tradition is not inherited, is conquered
André Malraux
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