The Department of Agriculture and Cattle Industry, as part of the 1st Plan of Promotion and Commercialization of the agro-alimentary sector of Castilla y Leon 2008-2011, with the intention of promoting initiatives of adaptation to the market and to its demands in terms of competitiveness, has developed the guaranty brand Tierra de Sabor, whose objective is to distinguish in the market certain agro-alimentary products with an outstanding quality which, produced, fabricated or transformed in the Castilla y Leon territory, fulfil the conditions and the requirements of quality specified in its Utilisation Rules.

Pefrán embrace this particular brand for its references in Ham, Paleta and caña de Lomo in its two formats (Bellota and Cebo), adding one more quality degree for its customers.
The goal of the rule is to establish the quality characteristics that products coming from the carcase quartering commercialized in fresh, as Iberian ham, paleta and caña de lomo, have to fulfil to use the sale designation defined according to the breed and the feeding. This rule contributes to the preservation of the quality and the competitiveness of these traditional products in a transparent market where both the consumers’ and the sector companies’ rights are respected.

At Pefrán (CárnicasEntresierras, S.L) we are certified with the Iberian regulations for the cured products coming from the Iberian pig, as Iberian ham, paleta and caña de lomo.
In line with its constant concern about making its products healthy and after a careful process of natural production, Pefrán is able to guarantee that its “chorizo extra ibérico” (under all its formats), “salchichón extra ibérico”(under all its formats), and “caña de lomo de cebo ibéricodoes not have any lactose, which is removed from the products ingredients, achieving an elimination of 100%.
From the Pefrán quality department, we work every day for bringing our products closer to more and more people.

The coeliac disease is a problem implying permanent gluten intolerance.

The gluten is a protein present in cereals as wheat, oats, barley, rye, spelt, kamut and triticale. People affected have to follow a gluten-free diet; consequently, they can consume neither these cereals nor its derivatives. Meat products, naturally, do not have gluten, but when additives, spices, etc. are added during its production, it can appear in its composition. In the case of Pefrán products, verifications have been carried out in laboratory, proving that none of the ingredients and/or additives used for their fabrication contains gluten, so we can affirm that none of the products fabricated by Pefrán contains gluten.
Quality is never an accident; is always the result of intelligent effort
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